Mid-Week Dinner Narratives

Here is the pasta I made last night (this is my own creation!):


This one is sitting in a plastic to-go plate so my husband could heat it up after his night class.

This one is sitting in a plastic to-go plate so my husband could heat it up after his night class.


I modified it for my dairy-allergic child by pureeing the squash and serving it over the bowtie pasta with some sausage.  My motive was: this looks sort of like macaroni and cheese!  But she’s never had (nor has she ever seen, I think) macaroni and cheese, so that didn’t draw her in.  She’s usually pretty adventurous, but I’ve noticed she’s had a weird aversion to orange-colored squashes for the last month or two.  I gave some of the squash puree to my infant son and he loved it, so go figure.


Tonight I made split pea soup with Deborah Madison’s vegan recipe, except that mine wasn’t vegan because I added pork bones.  I should add that this also makes a great baby food.  It was as hearty as usual, but I probably should have cooked it a little longer (which I should’ve known to do, since this is the only recipe I ever use for split pea soup).





Notice the bread bowl?  Well, I was supposed to be making Italian Bread (also from a recipe I’ve used before!), but as often happens in my kitchen, I got distracted by my relentlessly unproductive multi-tasking and somehow forgot to finish shaping the two loves into a baguette-like shape.  Luckily, they still tasted good, and my husband and daughter LOVED the bread bowls.


One last thing: I’m probably the last person on earth to hear this tip, but I have to share it just in case…


I recently read that the best way to cut an onion without crying is to put it in the freezer about 20 minutes before cutting into it.  I’ve done this a few times now, and it actually works!  I usually only leave it in for five or ten minutes, but it still works.


2 responses to “Mid-Week Dinner Narratives

  1. They both look great! I’m very jealous you made italian bread and I’m buying butternut squash tomorrow. P.S. I added broccoli to the “gourmet” rice (i now always have on hand), in the last 5 minutes and it steamed perfectly.

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