Will this work?

I have this crazy idea for comparing prices on stuff I buy a lot…


If I could find a cheap (or ideally, free) address book — nothing fancy or leatherbound, paperback would be fine — then I could use the alphabet tabs to list the product (e.g. baby wipes — file under “B”), the stores I would buy them at (e.g. Costco, Target, Wal Mart), and the price per unit (per baby wipe, in this case) for my preferred brand at that store.  It’s just so hard to keep track of prices in my head for so many products, and packaging is so deceptive when it comes to how much actual product you are getting.


This would probably be much easier if I had some fancy electronic device, but I’m a bit Amish when it comes to Blackberries and such.  We’ll see if this actually comes to fruition; I have yet to find a cheap enough address book to make this worthwhile.


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