Suckered again!

Today’s been quite busy — trying to get packed and clean the house while also trying not to neglect my children any more than usual.  I also realized how dependent I am on Wal Mart, as much as I disparage it’s unholy name every chance I get:

1) The whole southeast is out of gas, but where can I find gas when it is to be found?  You guessed it — the station in front of my local Wal Mart.  Yes, I should be thankful for that — and I am — but what if I want a choice?  I didn’t think we were living in Soviet Russia.

2) I don’t make all of my baby food (hey, we’re all entitled to some conveniences), and I especially hate making pureed fruit (too messy!), so breakfast for little Superchunk comes out of a jar.  Well, being the sucker I am for low prices, I bought a few containers of Wal Mart’s generic brand of berries with bananas.  As I peeled the aluminum lid off of a plastic container of the stuff this morning, I gave myself a painful 3/4 inch cut on my thumb.  It bled pretty badly, and since it’s on my thumb, I’m constantly applying pressure to it and getting it wet.  Should I complain to the company?  Of course I should, but I’ll probably forget. 

Maybe it’s time to start making my own pureed fruit.

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