An Experiment

Thanks to a tip I read on simplemom last night, I’m trying to write down EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT that comes into my head.  I’m not sure if the editor in me will allow this, but here is a breakdown of the first half of my day:

I let the kids play outside in the crisp, fall weather, then after lunch they played sorting games with beans and pasta. Because I have dried beans literally coming out of my ears (like seven different varieties!), I thought it would be cool to cook up a whole bunch of them to puree for baby food. I don’t really have time to soak and cook them before tomorrow’s trip, so I guess that will have to wait.

We’re going to South Carolina this weekend (AND the next two weekends) so my husband can make some money teaching future teachers how to teach.  He’s making a bunch of money for very little work, but it will still suck being stuck out of town with nothing to do all day Saturday.  I must let the greed motivate me on this one.

Back to the beans…I was reading about how to cook them in my favorite cookbook, Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, when I noticed her admonition to “avoid beans that are chipped, split, or cracked, because these are signs of long storage.”  So what about “split” peas, and “split” pea soup?  Is this an old-timey way to use your less desirable peas?  Where did that name come from?  I’ll probably be making split pea soup soon, with my glut of peas and all, so I’m a bit curious.

I had a great phone conversation with a good friend who is currently living in western New York state.  She’s been a vegan for many years, but it turns out she’s also turning into quite the locavore.  We discussed apple-picking, bread making, and sustainablity in general.  It was nice to get some encouragement in humble living — reminding me that the hand-me-down furniture is NOT a liability, but rather a badge of honoring the planet by not plugging the landfills with things that are simply out of fashion.

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